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Donley Technology has been analyzing and reporting on the environmental, health & safety software industries and market since 1988. The company is a clearinghouse for EH&S software information, with records on more than 4,000 software packages, databases, and on-line systems. Donley Technology's publications and consulting services deliver objective, accurate information to EH&S and IT professionals who use, buy, develop, or market environmental, health and safety software.

Our most popular publication — the Environmental Software Directory — is now free to the public. For access to this and our other online resources, click on the graphics in the columns on either side of this page. And check out our Services to learn more about how we:

  1. help EH&S managers find and implement the right software to meet their needs;
  2. help software vendors develop, improve, and market EH&S software products; and
  3. help software developers, consultants, and others involved in the EH&S industry identify opportunities for mergers, aquisitions, and joint ventures.

We welcome your comments about this site and our publications, and any suggestions you may have for future publications.

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