Donley Technology has been tracking and reporting on the environmental software industry since 1988. Our publications and web resources have served as valuable reference resources for thousands of environmental professionals in industry, academia, and government agencies who are responsible for selecting the best software for their needs. Our goal is to maintain the most up-to-date resource base for prospective purchasers of software to support environmental, health, and safety functions. Currently, our database includes more than 4,000 software packages, databases, and on-line systems. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, this information is available free to the public via our online directories:

We update this information continuously to ensure that it is always current. In addition, to help you keep up with the latest news, we publish the EH&S Software News Online (formerly the Environmental Software Report).

As many software developers have discovered, our publications and websites can be valuable marketing and product development tools. Whether you are trying to expand the market appeal of an existing software product, or you are considering developing a new product, our newsletter, the EH&S Software News Online, and our series of online directories can save you thousands of dollars in marketing research and advertising costs. Here's why:

  • Listings are free — all you have to do to introduce your product to motivated buyers is to make sure we have your press page (for the newsletter) or review the applicable directory to ensure you information is current.
  • Advertising is available at competitive rates — you won't find another venue that offers access to as many targeted consumers.
  • A Window to Current Industry Trends — the EH&S Software News Online tells you what your competitors are doing and helps you identify promising opportunities.
  • Scope out the Competition — our online directories let you see who else offers products similar to yours.
  • Improve Your Software — our consulting services can help you produce a better product with broader appeal.

So please take a moment to look over the various websites and consider how our resources can help you increase sales. We also invite you to check out our Custom Services for Software Developers page for more information on how we can help you develop, improve, and market your products.

And remember, the success of our resources depends on our ability to obtain accurate, up-to-date information about your products. We'd like to hear from you whenever you release a new product or make important changes to an existing package. We strive to include all EH&S software developers and their product in the Environmental Software Directory. To verify that your company is included, you can search the directory at If you find that we are missing something you feel should be included, you can contact us via The best way to receive coverage in the EH&S Software News Online is to send us the url of your press page. Our semiautomated system will check your press page periodically for new press releases. To make sure that we cover your product in the appropriate special report, just send a brief note indicating which report you feel best describes your product and the name, phone, and address of the person we should contact for additional information. When we begin to update that report, we'll send you an instruction package.

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